Nhu Y Company was founded by Vietnamese who has general goal toward public health. Launched in 2019, Nhu Y company officially launched medical masks with superior quality under its own brand.

Our services

  • Produce high quality medical mask:

+ Production of active medical masks, antibacterial up to 90%.

+ Provide a variety of medical masks 3, 4 to 5 layers.

+ Serving a variety of medical masks from hospitals, clinics, health care facilities, drug counters to individuals and households, etc.

+ Bussiness high medical masks, reasonable prices.

  • Providing medical masks in both domestic and foreign markets:

+ Nhu Y company is a wholesale and retail distribution channel of antibacterial medical masks in nationwide to serve the needs of customers.

+ Specially, we also expand the export market of medical masks to other coutries such as China, Cambodia, Laos, Philipinnes, Thailand, Japan, Korea, etc.

Highlights of the company

  1. Our medical masks are made with a certicifate of origin; quality standard certification; certification of quality commitment; certified by the Department of Health, the Deparment of Intellectual Property and the measurement and quality control center… Costumers who use most of them respond well, have a positive effect on the process of preventing diseaes, dust arround.

2.We always put the health of our customers first. Regarding safety when using, the strap creates a feeling of smoothness, good elasticity. Enviromentally friendly materials,factories are always buit according to the green and clean model, contributing to environment protection and improving conditions for workers.

  1. Production lines, modern equipment are imported directly from abroad to create the best masks, the safest for consumer’s health. In particular, the production process of medical masks is strict, ensuring quality, safety and hygiene.
  2. The staff of professional manufactures, skilled, with in-depth knowledge about the product. With a high sense of responsibility, dynamism, creativity, always listening and absorbing ideas, We wish to bring absolute satisfaction to our customers.
  3. Commitment to the most reasonable price on the market today. Quality is the top goal that our company aims to.

Vision and mission

In the next years, Nhu Y company aims to the goals:

  • Diversify product list: Today, there are many causes that seriously affect human health. With the complicated enviroment, we’re looking foward to researching and manufacturing more optimal masks to protect our customer’s health.
  • Market expansion : The demand of mediacal masks is enormous, espescially for increasing dust pollution, we want to bring good medical masks to customers in the nationwide as well as near countries.

Operation motto

The motto of Nhu Y company based on ethical foundation to provide customers with the best medical masks. The rules is main goal for all employees to strive to change the company into a company that provides reliable masks for customers.

  • The benefit of our customers are always our top concern. When serving our well, that means our success will also be increased.
  • Our greatest assests are resources and reputation. We looking foward to using our assests to contribute to the protection of public health.
  • We are pround of professional quality , experienced staff capable well.
  • We always try to respond the requests and changes that customers give quickly and effectively.

Nhu Y company thanks to the customers and partners who have accompanied us in recent years. Serving our customers is the greatest honor of our company!