Medical face mask producing company

Through a process of continuous effort, our company always proud to be the leading unit in VietNam specializes in manufacturing, distributing medical mask for domestic and foreign markets. Nhu Y Company will surely be a great choice to protect the health of yourself and your family.

Core values of the company

We are proud to become top company in the field of manufacturing medical masks to take care of health for community. Parallel with the development of the company is the mission to benefit customers. We always affirm our firm position in the market as the best medical mask manufacturer currently.

  • Always put the health of customers first. Human health is the most valuable asset, especially in the increasingly complex disease situation today.
  • With the direction of maximizing benefits for customers, the whole company team is always striving to bring the most valuable medical masks to customers. Moreover, also confirms our company’s medical mask brand on the market.

The size of company

  • As a large-scale medical mask producing company, we are confident to meet the diverse needs of customers in both domestic and foreign marktes.
  • We are proud to own a staff of experienced, in-depth knowledge in the field of manufacturing medical masks as well as the dedication and devotion in work with the desire to protecting the health consumers.
  • Supplying a large quantity of medical masks to meet the needs of hospitals, the system of medical and dental clinics, national private hospitals, production workshops, distribution agents who want to dealing in medical masks with private brands to personal needs.

Mechanical systems

  • Modern and standard production technology has been tested safely by the Ministry of Health and the National Office of Intellectual Property.
  • The closed production line is desgined and imported directly from advanced countries such as Japan, Korea, China, etc.
  • Our current facemasks are fully automatic and electric, producing both high productivity and hygienic safety.

High quality products

  • We always put aim to produce medical masks that guarantee absolute quality for the health of our customers.
  • Each product must follow strict production processes from input materials, quantitative and qualitative layers of fabric must be accurate in grams to packeging. After that, the masks also have to undergo a more rigorous test to be released to the market.
  • The fight for fake goods and real goods has never stopped being hot, it is often difficult for customers to distinguish between the standard and the fake masks. Choose us, customers complete peace of mind by the quality of medical masks. Face masks are manufactured with clean materials, clean sources capable of filtering 99% of bacteria; safe and strict production process; tested to the standards of the Ministry of Health.

Commit to good prices

  • Quality products are standard but we are committes to the most reasonable price on the market today.
  • The price is extremely good because we directly manufacture medical masks and do business without going through any intermediaries.

With the motto “Your health is our happiness”. Our medical mask manufacturing company has beeb making daily efforts to maintain the leading position in VietNam. Let us protect your health today!

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